Rosemary Lane Chapel



Our main overseas missionary interest covers four continents and four very different types of outreach.


Charles & Rachel Stockley and family are serving with the Missiona Aviation Fellowship (MAF). They are involved in work amongst the Yolngu indegenous people in Arnhem land, Northern Australia. You can follow the work of MAF Arnham Land on Facebook.


Jonathan and Jingle Bradford have a Bible Teaching programme for young potential church workers in the Phillipines, Asia, where they are regularly affected by floods and health problems.


Chrissie and Jano Mulindabigwe have a unique role in Rwanda, Africa, seeking to help in refugee camps, with orphans and others affected by HIV/Aids and vocational training centres.


Esther and Gjergji Renja have a very demanding work in a very poor area of Albania, Europe, with the Roma people.


One of our church members, Chris Menzfeld, is the South West representative for the Slavic Gospel Association involving deputation meetings in this country as well as Bible Teaching visits in Eastern European counties. Visit the SGA webite for more information.

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